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6 Tips For Keeping Your Trees Healthy

6 Tips For Keeping Your Trees Healthy

6 Tips For Keeping Your Tree Healthy

Brisbane and the surrounding areas are renowned for having streets and parks filled with flourishing trees and vegetation.  There is an abundance of benefits from trees, including the provision of food and habitat for our local wildlife and birds, shade and oxygen…and much much more.  For the most part, leaving a tree alone to do what it does best is the ideal approach.  But if you are looking to make a solid contribution to our amazing ecosystem, we have the top tips on keeping your trees at home in their prime!


  1. Mulch around the base of your trees

Apply a 3-10 cm layer of good quality mulch around the base of your trees.  The mulch should start a few centimetres away from the base of the trunk and extend to the drip line (or at least up to 1 metre).  Using a combination of woody & grassy mixture will enhance the soil, prevent weeds and preserve moisture.


  1. Keep a watchful eye out for diseases

You do not need to be an expert to know there is something a little off about your trees.  Keep an eye out for blotchy leaves, insect activity, scabs and blisters, unusual defoliation or yellowing.  Once observed, we recommend that you call upon the experts to identify the exact cause to prescribe the appropriate management to correct the problem.


  1. Watch the whipper snipper

Mowers and whipper snippers can be enemies for trees, chipping the bark and creating wounds which make an entry point for diseases.


  1. Protect tree roots

Parking your car under a tree, or driving machinery over the root system can cause soil compaction.  Compaction of the soil is detrimental to a tree by reducing oxygen levels and can decrease soil drainage.  Over time, it will eventually kill your tree.  The root system of a tree can extend much further than the drip line of the tree, and the larger the tree..the bigger the root system.


  1. Call in an expert to prune your trees

In addition to your own safety, arborists are a qualified professional who knows the specifics on requirements for different tree species.  Harsh or over-pruning can promote regrowth which springs back quickly and weaker.  Experts can eliminate crossing branches that rub against each other creating wounds, and remove dead and broken branches.  They will also be happy to impart as much knowledge as possible with you to help keep the tree in tip-top shape!


  1. Water Effectively

Overwatering can be just as detrimental as under watering.  Try doing some research on what kind of trees you have to determine how drought tolerant they are.  Larger and more mature trees may not need much assistance, however, South East Queensland can be prone to extreme and prolonged high temperatures which may affect all trees.