Mulch Sales

Mulch Sales in Brisbane

There is no better way to make your garden or property drought tolerant and resistant to weeds, and other undesirable plants than by laying mulch supplied by Ashgrove Tree Services.
When you mulch around plants, the resulting breakdown of the Mulch provides nutrient to the soil to help feed your plants. Mulch also suppresses weed growth, and acts as a blanket to prevent loss of soil moisture by evaporation. Evaporation rates can be suppressed by as much as 70% keeping more water in the ground where your plants need it.
When laying your mulch, approximately 10cm (4 inches) of cover is ideal. Do not allow the mulch to come in to contact with the plant stems as this can burn the plants or start collar rot. Re-mulch by topping up as the mulch breaks down.
Our mulch is 100% organic and suitable for almost any garden or property. We service commercial and residential customers in Brisbane’s Northern and Western suburbs.

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